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摘要: 高考英语常考重点动词及其短语Keep和PutGo(v.)去;离开;变得;进行goafter追求,设法得到goaway走开,离开goagainst违......
去;离开;变得;进行 go after 追求,设法得到
go away 走开,离开
go against 违反
go ahead 进行,进展,干吧,说吧,先走
go all out 全力以赴
go by 走过,经过
go in for 从事(某种事业或活动)
go out 熄灭,过时
go over 审阅,检查,研究
go through审阅,检查,学习,练习,经历,经过

go up上涨,上升


保持;保留;继续;贮藏;经营;遵守;供给;照管;饲养;耽搁;保守(秘密);记录 keep back 扣下,隐瞒,忍住(眼泪)
keep in mind 记住,想着
keep off 避开,挡住,不接近
keep one’s balance 保持平衡
keep on继续(干)
keep out 遮挡,使不入内
keep sb...from doing sth阻止某人做某事
keep up 保持,维持,继续(某活动)
放;安置;使处于;提交;记下;表达;出发;开航 put away 存起来,收拾起来
put back 推迟,放回(原处),拨回(时钟)
put down 写下来,镇压
put forward 提出,提前
put off 推迟,延期,关上(开关等)
put on 穿(戴)上,上演,打开(开关等)
put out 熄灭,生产,出版
put up 举(架)起,修建,张贴,留宿

Many of us still tend to think that emotions can affect reasonablethought,and sometimes land us in trouble.But in recent  years psychologists have taken quite a different view.Keith Oatley,Professor of Psychology at Glasgow University,is involved in the research which shows the fundamental importance of emotions.
He believes we are very ambivalent about them:we think of our emotions as being unreasonable,but we also consider them as essential to being human.For example,Mr  Spock,a character in the television series Star Trek,is super­intelligent and he has no emotions at all.However,he is never made captain of the spaceship.Maybe,this is because Mr Spock is not the kind of person you can share your feelings with—a person who shows his emotions.
As Professor Oatley points out,our emotions have very important functions,for example,fear.If we cross the road and a car approaches,we usually stop moving or step back.We stop what we are doing,check what we have done and pay very careful attention to the environment.The emotion of fear makes us take this small series of actions which,on average,help preserve our safety.
On the other hand,if things are going well and small problems come up,we find we can solve them with the resources we have to hand.As a consequence,we tend to feel happy and usually continue doing the job.
Anger is an emotion that tends to occur when someone is preventing   us from doing something.Then this small “kit” of reactions enables us to  prepare ourselves to be quite aggressive to that person,or to try harder,and so on.
Professor Oatley believes emotions generally occur at these important moments in actions.With fear and anger our emotions make us decide to start  doing something else,while with happiness they “suggest” we continue what we are already doing.
1.What’s Keith Oatley’s opinion about emotions?
A.They affect reasonable thought.
B.They get us into trouble.
C.They are helpful to us.
D.They are reasonable.
2.What does the underlined part “we are very ambivalent about them” in Paragraph 2 mean?
A.We have contradictory feelings towards emotions.
B.We have similar ideas of emotions.
C.We are quite clear about emotions.
D.We can do nothing about emotions.
3.It can be inferred from the passage that________.
A.we must control our emotions in daily life
B.emotions play a more important part than we realize
C.positive emotions such as love and joy are good for us
D.negative emotions make us continue what we are doing
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